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Vol 1„Flamenco Guitar“ DVD


Media AwardComenius-EduMedia-Award 2005

In the category “arts, artistic, literary and sporting education,“ the DVD “Flamenco Guitar“ (Graf-Martinez / Schott) are awarded the Comenius Medal in 2005.More ...



Anda That has not yet seen the Flamenco world. The Flamenco guitar teacher of the nation Gerhard Graf-Martinez had published the previously most successful flamenco guitar school nearly a decade ago. Thousands of Flamenco beginners have thus taken their first steps, the secrets of flamenco have discovered or - as it is in students so - cursed her teacher.

What Gerhard Graf-Martinez has now produced with the accompanying DVDs, borders on the impossible. That he is not only an accomplished Flamenco guitarist, but also at least just as much computer, a computer genius, a look at his website. The DVD has been programmed consuming by himself, it includes on-screen buttons, dozens of sub-menus, different selectable (including almost amazing) camera settings. it is of course bilingual (Ger. / Eng.), playable in different tempos, notes and tablature can be displayed and so on. In the well-structured chapters Flamenco techniques are explained and - the decisive advantage - played. The pleasure of having Maestro Graf-Martinez sitting in your living room and be able to look at the finger in slow motion, is anything but cheap, per DVD € 44.95. But Gerhard Graf-Martinez has developed a new type of e-learning, by MultiMedia / -Digital-Didactic and the advanced technologies consistently exploited - of all things for the good old flamenco guitar.

Oliver Farke - editor of ¡Anda! - Flamenco magazine.

Method vol 1Flamenco Guitar Method


... would be allowed to do for it publish the training work of Gerhard Graf-Martinez a sensation to be. In connection with CD did not attach the result of this work more optimally have failed could.

Flamenco-ZeitschriftNr. 5 March/95

Who had problems so far with the Bulerías, due to the transparent representation will be surprised, with which simplicity the Bulerías is to be understood nevertheless.
... By the logically developed teaching method this instruction work offers an important guideline assistance for guitar teachers, who would like to inform Flamenco.

Gitarre Aktuell


With its two volumes Gerhard Graf-Martinez submits a Flamenco guitar method, which is due to their extensive additional information more than only one training work; it serves also as reference book. Those thematically and didactically very well thought method out arranges for the learning a safe foundation.

... There are however training works, which belong to the obligation reading. Gerhard Graf-Martinez thought with the conception of its method very much and wrote a training work singular in its kind, which must be recommended to each Aficionado most warmly.

This method leads the learning on safe way to the goal of becoming Flamenco guitarist.

Neue Musikzeitung


A stout manual of the Flamenco music created Gerhard Graf-Martinez here. It closes a gap with its Flamenco method, because a guitar method, which in such a manner in detail treats this kind of music, does not give it up to now my knowledge. To be very well demonstrated the individual complex notice techniques, to CD with all exercises in the slow and then in the original speed proves here as extremely useful.

… For all, which want to learn the Flamenco guitar playing of the Pike on!

Magazin für Gitarristenund Bassistenmagazin for guitarists 06/01 Nr. 35

The first volume of Gerhard Graf-Martinez' Flamenco guitar method is in such a way developed, as one wishes oneself it of a text book. Graf- Martinez explains the techniques of the Flamenco meaningfully structured and understandably.

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Flamenco Guitar Method Vol. 1
Average customer evaluation: *****

***** complete inspire, 22 January 2002

Rezensentin/rezensent: Chris Vinegar.

One of the best books for the self-instruction on the market is probably momentary. Extremely in detail written, good illustration and a well produced CD. With something discipline one does not have to understand difficulties the material which can be obtained. Also around the Flamenco neglected, like history, nail care (!) will not approximately play, peculiarities of the Guitarra Flamenca and and and ...

Rezensentin / Rezensent: Chris Essig.

Rezensentin/rezensent: G. Z. from Sevilla, Spain.

Contrary to many other well-known instruction works for the Flamenco guitar the author offers a work here to me that beside in the smallest detail on the basis techniques of the current Flamenco guitar explained by photo also a comprehensive Discographie, as well as chapters to history offers this art form. Besides important Spanish technical terms are presented and all exercises are brought in on the enclosed CD in outstanding quality partly even in a slower practicing version of the author. The representation in the book takes place both in notation and in tablature. Result: Great entrance into the world of the Flamenco (the guitar technology does not only receive attention) of high didactical quality. A condition are all thing fundamental knowledge of the classical or other guitar technology, since here are not these no more described. Only military courage drop is the quite high price. Thus the allocation does not seem to me on two volumes necessarily justified.


Flamenco Guitar Method Vol. 2
Successful introduction to the world of the Flamenco, 22 May 2001: *****

FLAMENCO PURO, 28 January 2002

***** Rezensentin/rezensent: Chris Vinegar from Duesseldorf, North-Rhine/Westphalia Germany.

Volume 2 follows smoothly volume 1, whereby no break in subjects develops. In addition, this prevents an entering with volume 2. One must have first completed thus volume 1. In my opinion is this however no disadvantage, since the material is so extensive that one goes better a step to the other one.

Apart from pure and sumptuous subjects are in the book also still the history of the Flamenco (anyhow a small outline) and a few small interesting statements. One wins a small view of mentality of those, which do not only play but live this music.
Beyond that are also everyone mixes falsetas and accompanying pieces after which one as a guitarist so duerstet available.

Everything which one then still needs is fires in the heart and speed in the hands around Flamenco to play to be able.

GipsyGuitarGipsy Guitar - Notenbuch



Nomierung für den digita 2009 (Deutscher Bildungsmedienpreis)



Comenius EduMedia Auszeichnung 2009 der GPI




… Surprise is however only from short duration and is converted at the latest when inserting the two attached CDs into admiration.

… The compositions are not from pasteboard! ... are both technically and rhythmically quite fastidious.

… On the two enclosed CDs these pieces are brought in in captivating quality.

Akustik Gitarre3/2000


… In addition there is notes, tablature and a quantity of meaningful photos, which clarify the courses of motion in the best way.

… Special techniques or patterns are noted clay/tone for clay/tone.

The presented pieces are compositions of the author and represent the treated styles as well as the associated play techniques splendid. Importantly for the success of this volume the two enclosed CDs are safe.

… The musical sound quality is outstanding, it makes fun to through-listen this CD.

… Result: a successful method for all, which are interested to the "Rumba Flamenca".

Das Musikinstrument4/2000

… With five extremely beautiful compositions and a exercise-friendly interpretation "Gispy Guitar" even those is recommended, which had so far still nothing with Spanish guitar sounds at the hat.

Fachblatt Soundcheck7/2000

… The author Gerhard Graf-Martinez could already some years ago conquer with its trailblazing Flamenco guitar method "Spanish" the striking hearts.

… In the process of the book four impressive pieces are treated.

… those on relatively complex courses of motion are based.

… Particularly for advanced guitarists "Gipsy Guitar" forms an ideal, interesting repertoire extension.

Das Musiker-Magazin6/2000

… And who knows the two volumes of Gerhard Graf-Martinez Flamenco method, also right may expect a well opened training work...

… a supply thus, which should not leave any desires open. Result: a work, publishing house and author altogether succeeded present here, high recommendable!

Zeitschrift für Flamenco5/2000

… however exemplary and descriptive the entire range of the Rumba presented for solo guitar and rhythm guitar. Who did not understand it then yet not to help is.

Gitarre + Bass5/2000

The author describes in detail the fusion of South American Rumba rhythms with the typical impact techniques of the Flamenc guitar.


Who would like to play like the Gipsy Kings, "Gipsy Guitar" finds finger exercises in the volume of...

icon cdromGipsy Guitar - CD-ROM


End of Live 2008.


… This method gives it also as interactive CD-ROM. Those can everything which the paper and the audio CDs also be able to do, only much better, since also videos are merged here. Who has the technical equipment, should give similarly expensive CD-ROM preference.

Guitar 01/02 NR. 36

Akustik GitarreCD-ROM is produced on high level and supplies an exemplary descriptiveness. Who loves Flamenco and before modern media not back-frightened, "Gipsy Guitar" should look at itself in multimedia form.
Acoustic guitar 4/01

c't Magazin Computer

Who wants a classical music instruction however with PC assistance to support or as advanced instrument valleyist train further would like themselves, it profits from the fact that he can see at the screen, how it is made. That is also the strength of the production of the Flamenco guitarist Gerhard Graf-Martinez, which brought its book published with bulkhead now also on CD-ROM... can to the advanced guitarist an assistance offer, around which it some might envy a musician.
c't 22.10.2001


Frankfurt Allgemeine: Lela de Fuenteprado and Gerhard Graf-Martinez were acting in the Gallus theatre. The program covered genuine Flamenco art just like folkloristic variations. The public, at first reserved, turns out increasingly except itself.

Der Bund Berne (Switzerland): Beside two Andalusian gitanos, two considerable Flamenco aartits, the marvelous guitarist Gerhard Graf-Martinez and Lela de Fuenteprado, coined/shaped the face of the evening.

Neue Kronenzeitung (Austria): Flamenco inspires at the Int. guitar week in Lienz.... with Flamenco rhythms, which washed actually only to the one left open to hear still more.

Kleinez Zeitung (Austria): Lela de Fuenteprado and Gerhard Graf-Martinez showing highest quality of their repertoire. The public entered with it and showed up in the inspired applause much to result in.

Journal de Sarregemuines (France): L'Andalousie au Casino!

Liechtensteiner Volkszeitung Vaduz a Flamenco recital with fiery and impulsive sounds.

Ostfriesische Zeitung Emden: Lela de Fuenteprado and Gerhard Graf-Martinez in the evening of the German-Iberian association Emden kindled fireworks of Spanish folklore."

Musikblatt Goettingen: Graf-Martinez plays anyhow none on "originals" or "genuinly" or "nearly as madly as..." trimmed Flamenco, but developed creatively own beginnings and avoids so a copying.

Stuttgarter Zeitung: Graf-Martinez drives the Flamenco the mourning out, without taking to it the melancholy.


Saarbruecker Zeitung: Gerhard Graf-Martinez …, all constitutes a musician of the first quality.

Bonner Stadtanzeiger: … one must have studied this instrument, if one wants to play in such a way like Graf-Martinez.

Giessener Allgemeine: Gerhard Graf-Martinez, which presented itself first as Solist on the guitar, pleased thereby by its skillful combination of sharp rhythms and gentle, complaining melodies, as they distinguish the Flamenco music.

Esslinger Zeitung: …Concert with John McLaughlin and the group of "Modo Nuevo", which inspired with its Andalusian guitar sounds.

Offenbach-Post: …the substantially more experienced guitarist G. Graf-Martinez, without whom the level would have been clearly lower. Mr. Graf-Martinez controls the classical Flamenco in the ensemble playing and in the pure solo playing the more modern Andalusian sound fantasy.

Darmstädter Echo: … in Gerhard Graf-Martinez ' playing, with impressive technology, were rooted the fundamental life feeling of the gypsies and the delightful colorfulness of the Syncope completely closely next to each other.

Badisches Tagblatt: … and then the temper and the class. Lela de Fuenteprado and her partner Gerhard Graf-Martinez are one of the gloss lights of the German Flamenco scene..

Sued-West-Presse … and the intensity took nearly the breath to the public... a fan dance, which proved again the optimal interaction of the pair.



Stereoplay: … sceptics must confess that Graf-Martinez vibrates the long-known cliches sovereign from the sleeve.

Hifi-Vision: … Graf-Martinez sprays such self-willed fascinating attractions that nearly already the assumption forces itself upon, the actual cradle of the Flamenco would stand in the proximity of Stuttgart.

Stereo: … Graf-Martinez actually succeeds the fusion of jazz and Flamenco, how they control otherwise only Paco de Lucía. (the typical example of a critic exaggeration - note of Graf-Martinez)

Monographie Monza (Italia): Se c'è un uomo capace die miscelare il jazz e il flamenco con ritmi tradizionali e allo stesso tempo innovativi, dando un nuovo impuslo alla musica andalusa, questo è Gerhard Graf-Martinez.

New Age (Italia): Modo Nuevo, una brillante ed innovativa cornice sonora. ... sua musica splendidi colori ed armonie, interecciando suggestivi madrigali (Nada Mas) con i disegni pastello più intimisti e crepurscolari, aventurandosi ad esplorare etnie indiane, persiane ed africane, revisitate con grafia compositiva originale die grande lucidità espressiva.


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