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Flamenco Percusión

The Flamenco Percusión Pack contains two components: the software instruments or programs Cajón and Palmas, and the templates (or project files) for the music software Logic or GarageBand™. We are talking about virtual instruments for sample players e.g. EXS24, not about loops.

infoUpdate for Logic Pro X and Garageband 10

Mac versionMac - What do you need?
GarageBand™ is included with the purchase of a Mac as a bundled software. Logic™ is a professional music application, known as a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and is available in the version Express and Pro.

Mac versionWin - What do you need?
Cubase™ is a professional music application, known as a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and is available in the version 6.5, Artist and Elements (Mac and Win). Halion 4 is not only a VST sampler but an entire sound creation system and is not included in Cubase.Groove Agent ONE pairs powerful drum sampling with detailed sound shaping — seamlessly integrated into Cubase.

iPad/iPhone Garage Flamenco Loops for Garageband iPad and iPhone Cajón and Palmas Loops

Garage Flamenco Percusión

The Project Files

Open the supplied templates in GarageBand and start with recording. The patterns can be moved, copied or repeated. You can create your own arrangements, or let a pattern chain run in a loop to practice your rhythm playing.

GB pack 2

GarageBand Project-Set 1

  1. Bulerías: 23 Cajón-/3 Palmas-Patterns
  2. Sevillana: 6-Cajón-/2-Palmas-Patterns (a complete traditionel Sevillana).
  3. Rumba: 21 Cajón-/2-Palmas-Patterns


GB pack 2

GarageBand Project-Set 2 | GS2

  1. Alegrías: 12 Cajón-/4 Palmas-Patterns
  2. Fandango de Huelva: 4-Cajón-/4-Palmas-Patterns (a complete traditionell Fandango de Huevla).
  3. Siguiriyas: 8 Cajón-/3-Palmas-Patterns
  4. Tangos: 17 Cajón-/3-Palmas-Patterns



Software-Instruments vs. Loops


The difference between a loop and a software instrument. The length of a loop can be stretched slightly, or can be subdivided. But stretching is limited. If the speed is reduced too much, it does not sound so great. If the speed is reduced even more, it sounds really ugly.

For percussion software-instruments are much better ...

Each time you record a real or software instrument, you create a region in the instrument's track containing the music you record. The regions here are divided in half, whole or two-bar patterns. A region can be looped, copied and moved everywhere. We copy a region to edit it. Now let's drag notes up or down to a different pitch. In our case not the pitch is changed but the tones of the cajón. ...


Instrument edit

The main controls in the channel are the volume slider, the pan dial and the speaker button. Here are the track volume. By clicking on the Info button the Effects window opens. You can see the instrument itself, a compressor and an equalizer. By clicking on the appropriate button the effect setting opens. Now we open the equalizer, which can be set easily with the mouse in the different frequency ranges. ...

See how you can make easy your own arrangement.

Logic Flamenco Percusión

The Instruments

The EXS24 software sampler is a part of Logic. The sound source is the supplied library or sample CDs from third parties. It is controlled via MIDI events that can be edited in Logic.

The Cajón instrument consists of 18 stereo samples (24 bits). The Palmas instrument 22 stereo samples (24 bits).

The Project Files

Open the supplied templates in Logic and start with recording. The patterns can be moved, copied or repeated. You can create your own arrangements, or let a pattern chain run in a loop to practice your rhythm playing.


Guitar track with minimized volume and vary palmas track.


4 bar loop (it's not a arrangement). Guitar track in the background, different palmas-tracks, and cajón-patterns


6-bar Loop in the estribillo (no arrangement). minimized volume of the guitar track, diffrent palmas-tracks (palmas and tacon), with/without cajón, cajón solo.


Minimized volume of the guitar track, different cajón-tracks, with/without cajón, with/without palmas.

logic fpDM1 - Flamenco Drum Machine (iPad & Mac)

AchtungYou require DM1 for Mac, or DM1 for iPad. To transfer the Templates and Samples iTunes, Dropbox, Audiopaste or iPod is required.


Samples and Templates:cartShop

Full-featured Drum Machine for iPad and Mac OSX


Original Pads

DM1 turns your iPad or iPhone and your computers into a fun and creative beat making machine. Easy and fast to use, loaded with 86 superb electronic drum kits and beautiful hyper-realistic graphics.




FlamencoPercusión Pads mit 9 Stereo-Samples

Graf-Martinez has extended the drum kits with a flamenco percussion kit. In addition, 25 flamenco style templates have been added.

DM1 offers five main sections:

  1. THE STEP SEQUENCER frees your imagination with a smart use of the multi-touch screen. Just turn on and off steps in your sequence with the tip of your fingers to create cool beats, or unexpected rhythms!
  2. THE DRUM PADS simply lets you play and record the beat that tickles your fingers. No need to be a first-class drummer, automatic quantize does the work for you.


DM1 Step Sequencer
Step Sequencer

  • THE MIXER for quick and subtle sound mixing of your drum kits. Featuring settings for volume, pitch, pan, sample length, custom drum kit element for each channel, mute and solo mode.
  • THE FX TRACKPADS a creative duo of FX trackpads to distort, modulate and transform your beats. The effects include: Overdrive, Delay, Phaser, Texturizer, Robotizer, Resonant Filter & Compressor.
  • THE SONG COMPOSER allows you to quickly make a song with the beat patterns you have created. Just drag and drop the patterns onto the timeline. Fast and easy.


25 Flamenco Palos-Templates

  1. Bulerías
  2. Tangos
  3. Sevillanas
  4. Alegrías
  5. Siguiriyas
  6. Rumba
  7. Fandango

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