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Cajón and Palmas Loops

for iPad/iPhone Garageband

cajon loops for ipad und iphone garageband

A mobile studio and a "tireless Cajonista" *

Welcome to the digital studio of Flamenco music. A Mac-size practice space. Your own mobile recording studio. If you want to create a new falseta, or record a palo, or just want to practice with an "accompanist never grumbling" - GarageBand and Garage Flamenco Percusión has everything you need.

GarageBand for iPad/iPhone and Flamenco Percusión gives you all the tools you need to lay down fresh tracks and record music anywhere you go.

* Cajón player

Arrange and mix your palos anywhere inspiration strikes using a powerful eight-track recording studio that can handle any combination of audio recordings and loops.

icon stopWhat do you need:

  1. iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch
  2. GarageBand for iPad or iPhone
  3. Garage Flamenco Percusión
  4. mac iTunes to share the FlamencoPercusión songs/projects from your Mac to your iPhone/iPad.

Cajón and Palmas Loops

You should be familiar with loops if you've ever used GarageBand for the Mac. Loops are little snippets of music, or rhythm patterns that you can use in your projects to build your music. You can move, copy, paste, trim, delete and loop these snippets in your project and add effects like reverb, delay, etc. In the example video (see below) demonstrates how to work with loops and templates (project files) for Flamenco Percusión Cajón and Palmas Loops for GarageBand iPad and iPhone.

The loops are included in the templates. You have nothing more to do: Download the purchaesed project files and copy its to your iPad/iPhone. The templates are created exclusively for iPad/iPhone GarageBand. You must use a Mac to tranfers the .band files.

Content of Flamenco Percusión for iPad/iPhone Garageband:
Set 1: Bulerías, Sevillana, Rumba
Set 2: Alegrías, Fandango de Huelva, Siguiriyas, Tangos.

GarageBand for iOS works with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd and 4th generation), iPad, and iPad 2.


GarageBand Templates

DM1 FlamencoPercusión für iPad


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